Why is Beyond Diet Different? Why Does It Work?

Well, First Of All, Here’s A “Peak” Inside Beyond Diet!

Beyond Diet Reviews: A Review in 2 Parts

Part 1: Our actual beyond diet review and experience: Jake’s and Amanda’s story.

Part 2: What you actually get inside beyond diet and 9 NEW Reviews!

Secret Part 3: Our Free exercise regime for everyone (and yes, it complements the beyond diet program!)

Part 1: The Beyond Diet Review: Our Own Experience!

Before saying anything, first of all, here’s our before and after pics using the Beyond Diet program for exactly 14 months: (and counting…)

That’s me, Amanda Cannon, before and after my weight loss saga! You can click on the image to expand it.
That’s my husband Jake, before and after his massive weight reduction!click on the image to expand it.
So hi everyone! my name is Amanda Cannon, I am 29 and I live in Hampton, Virginia with my (now very much fit) husband Jake.

Me and Jake were always fat. Period.

  1. Even though we did not eat too much junk food.
  2. Even though we both did not lead a sedentary life.
  3. Even though our genetics were not that bad, there aren’t too many
    ‘weighty’ people on either side of our families.

But yet, both of us were always fat, for years, and emotionally, it did take its toll on us…

Things got worse after marriage (don’t worry, only weight-wise!) and we actually tried a couple of diet and fitness programs before calling it quits. We gave the Atkins diet a try, tried the dash diet, and even went with some intense exercise programs like beachbody’s P90 regime.

[A small warning: Do NOT try the extreme workouts if you are too obese, we really did suffer too much!]
Yes, some of the diet programs worked… for a while…
… but none of them looked like something we could follow long term!!

And that’s when we found out the number 1 weight loss rule

RULE 1: You Must Love Your Weight Loss Program!

Else… you are not going to follow it! Nada. Nope.

And quite by chance, we stumbled upon Isabel’s program.

Being extremely skeptical at first (since it ‘looked’ like every other program out there), we purchased her (now unavailable) guide, the diet solution program, having no idea of the beyond diet.

The diet solution program was simply an ebook with a really interesting diet plan, and based on this ebook, we thought of giving the beyond diet a try… And we were blown away!

We expected another ebook, but instead we got a customized weight loss program, and an array of tools! Now we are getting somewhere, I thought!

Watch the above video to see Isabel explain “WHY” the Beyond Diet is different…

What is the Beyond Diet About?

The program is based on 3 steps:
  1. Determining Your Metabolism Type
  2. Creating Your Personal Diet Plan based on your metabolism
  3. Choosing, Eating the Best Foods based on your personal diet plan

Motivation behind the program
The Beyond Diet originally started as a simple manual called the “Diet Solution Program Ebook”.

But within 6 years it grew so BIG (currently over 388,000+ members in there) that Isabel created a whole new website with a much more powerful & personalized program plus so many more tools. Check the video to the left, Isabel herself explains the motivation to start Beyond Diet.
And the reason we loved this program before even starting it was due to the “personal” part!

You cannot lose (much) weight if you follow generic advice because each person’s body type, metabolism, physical make-up, food likings, and body’s response is different! We all need something that is customized for our body!

And that’s where the program delivered!

Part 2: What You Actually Get Inside Beyond Diet
and 9 NEW Reviews!

First of all, everything’s neatly organized!

I absolutely hate it when we purchase something and then have to click on hundred different pages just to reach our purchased content! But here, the website is easy to navigate and as soon as you log in the first time, you will be greeted by this dashboard that gives you the most important (and currently active) information first.
First and foremost, when you first login to Beyond Diet, Isabel gives you a very useful introductory tour of the entire program.

We highly recommend watching that overview video first. Touch to zoom on the pic below to see how it looks…
Next, as shown in the above picture, you will see the main areas of the beyond diet site, with links to your actual program, links to sharing recipes, asking questions, useful articles, latest blog post and Isabel’s personal health food store (we haven’t tried anything yet)
Once you select — programs > beyond diet > start here…

You will be guided to create YOUR OWN customized diet plan based on your body type. From there, you can just keep on following the program one step at a time, till you reach your actual weight loss goal.
Once you have configured the program according to your body type, you will get access to the main Beyond Diet Manual as shown in the above pic. The best part here is that the manual is broken in easy chapters.
Finally, once you have seen the manual, articles, questions, you will be AMAZED at the array of helpful tools at your disposal. Just see in this image the number of tools that you can use every day (We actually use most of them every day!)
Last, but definitely not the least, one of the latest updates to the program is the “personal food journal”. Isabel has created a beautiful, practical journal for us to keep track of what we eat, when we eat, how much and much more!
Ohhh, and I forgot to mention, there are a lot of bonuses inside Beyond Diet! Some of them are very tasty indeed! Right from 53 fat burning smoothies to an exclusive guide on jump starting your body’s metabolism. There is something for each one of us here!
Finally, you will reach my favorite part in the whole program… awesome full meal plans and recipes! The beyond diet program enables you access to some of the most delicious and nutritious recipes. And the best part is, you can SORT the recipes on the basis of their protein, carb and fat percentages!! 5 stars for this!

  beyond diet recipes  some more beyond diet tasty recipes

There are a total of 8 tools in your Beyond Diet account that you can use, they are:
  1. Determining your metabolism type
  2. Calorie calculator
  3. Ideal food ratios
  4. Cooking with Fats
  5. Allowable servings
  6. Food choices
  7. Glycemic index charts
  8. Good Better Best Food Choices

And the best part… all the above tools are customized to your body type!
So now that I told you where the beyond diet program excels, let’s have a look at some of the negative points we found out…

NEGATIVE POINT 1: No Exercise/Workout Regime! :(

There’s no default exercise regime with the beyond diet, which we did not like! (especially when we have come from an extreme workout background!) To correct that, Jake and me, we created our own exercise regime that complements perfectly with the beyond diet, you can download it from us :)

NEGATIVE POINT 2: Paid exercise, Coaching and Other Offers

Not a big negative, they all do this, but we thought that she should have included at least the exercise regime with the beyond diet program. No worries, all you guys and girls can download it from us for free! :)

The 8 Other People and Beyond Diet Reviews We Found!

some more beyond diet tasty recipes  some more beyond diet tasty recipes  some more beyond diet tasty recipes

some more beyond diet tasty recipes  some more beyond diet tasty recipes  beyond diet member review

And here’s a very recent video by 2 beyond diet members:

Tyler and Melissa Pruitt

Beyond Diet feedback

Members Review Beyond Diet feedback

Another Major Plus?

Super active community!

You can see in the pics that the “ask questions” section is vibrantly active! I just took a screenshot and well, just see the number of answers to recent questions. active vibrant community
And this is normal for all questions. I have seldom seen a question left unanswered and it feels really great when people with similar goals share their knowledge and experience with each other.

Another good thing is, apart from the questions itself, people also report their own weight loss stories and experiences which is VERY motivating! I have myself reported my own milestones several times to everyone, and the response has been overwhelming.
Here, I will share a screenshot of a questions someone asked about how the others were doing with the meal plans and whether it was working good? As you can see, the members almost instantly replied with their own experiences to the question.

If you want to check, the link to the question is here: http://www.beyonddiet.com/Ask/Details/What-is-the-average-weight-loss-for-the-14-day-supercharge-meal-program (But it’s in the secure member’s area, so you will have to get start your membership to see the question)

Conclusion: Is the beyond diet worth it?

Most definitely yes. It’s a lot better than buying diet books, following some random advice on generic sites and much better than those crazy insanity workouts!

We are members for the last 2 years, and the program has become such an integral part of our life that we do not even need to check up on food labels anymore! We just know what to avoid and what to gorge on! :)

If you do join the beyond diet program (and we highly recommend you to), do not forget to email me your receipt so I can send over our exercise regime.

All the best… and remember, there’s no magic weight loss pill!

Beyond diet + a good moderate exercise plan is all you need.

And that’s exactly what we’d be sending you!

beyond diet reviews
4.5 / 5 stars

Comments (84)

    • Hi Cindy,
      Congrats on getting in.. you can just mail me the receipt number you got from Beyond Diet and I’ll send over our bonus…


    • Amanda,
      My husband is 54, type 2 diabetic. He struggles with high cholesterol and high triglycerides and of course is over weight. He has recently been hospitalized with pancreatitis due to high triglyceride levels. When he comes home I want to have something in place so that he and I both can follow it. I have recently found BD but with so much out there that is a fad I want to make sure this is the plan for us. We want to be healthy and improve our quality of life. Do you think this could be the plan for us. I’m cautious because anyone can write a ficticious reveiw in order to sell a product. My biggest problem is finding recipes that are tasty and nutritious that we can eat and not stray from the program. I wish BD would let you take a peek at the program before purchasing. Especially the recipes.
      Thank you for your help in advance.

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I just purchased the Beyond Diet membership and I must say I am very much impressed so far… 1 question… since I am in Australia, you think I’d get the foods mentioned over here?


    • Hi Ginny,
      Yes of course the beyond diet should work in Australia! And yes, you will get all the foods over there.
      In fact, I have had many visitors from the “East” mailing me for this very question!

      So go ahead and start using the program and the tools, I wish you all the best! And do mail me to get
      our workout routine…


  2. How long before you can start seeing some real progress?

    I am making this jump because so many people seem to be using this, so how long u think before i could see some real fat loss?

    • Hey Arlene,
      Congrats on deciding to get aboard… I think if you follow the program correctly, you should start seeing some real progress after about 6-7 weeks…

      And don’t forget to mail me and get my workout routine, that will REALLY accelerate your weight loss when combined with the beyond diet…

  3. I need to know if the program will work for me, I’m a 52, mother of 3, and very much out of shape.

    To the point of no hope. I have tried everything, I always lose a lil weight and it all comes back plus some more. Help!

    • Hi Lily,
      I appreciate your enthusiasm to still get back in shape! Kudos on that!

      And I have to say YES, if you follow the program AND keep to it, you will most definitely see progress as the core of the program
      is based on modifying your lifestyle and diet, something you WON’T find in other “programs”. Go for it!

      - Amanda

  4. Hi amanda, your transformation is nothing short of spectacular, and I am very much inspired by you totry the beyond diet. Tell me though, wht kind of exercises do you recommend in your routine?

    • Thanks Rosie!
      Dedication + Direction is the key! The exercises I did and recommend in my workout routine are quite simple and
      without any equipment. So you do not need any costly props or gym membership for it. Plus, they are very much
      created for obese people.

      So go ahead, get the BD, then mail me on amandajakecannon[at]gmail.com to get the routine…

      - Amanda

  5. i am not scary obese. I mean I am of course overweight around 185lbs. I don’t exercise, used to catch a tennis game now and then. Will the beyond diet help me lose some weight and possibly give guidance to some strength training?

    Or is it all only about diet consultation? your review did not state that so im asking..


    • Jill, the beyond diet will help you lose weight for sure, but for gaining some lean muscle and strength, you better get my workout routine.

      Do what I did, get the beyond diet and then mail me. I will also send you a separate program for helping you tone your muscles while
      you lose fat. Also, tennis is awesome for maintaining!


  6. Kia ora Amanda. Im seriuosly thinking of taking on beyond diet after reading your review. I live in New Zealand. Will the recipes etc be applicable to me in NZ? And is it a one-off payment or do you keep paying every month?

    • Kia Ora Renee!
      Yes, the recipes and ingredients should be available in New Zealand. And where possible, Isabel has also listed alternatives to most recipes…
      And yes again, its a one time single payment, you DONT have to keep paying monthly….


  7. Hello,
    I am a college student so of coarse I am on a budget and I have to live off of the cafeteria and snacks in my room. So my main concern is will this work for me because I’ve wasted so much money on things that didn’t work and I’ve been struggling with weight since middle school.

    • Hi Joleisha,
      You will have to tell me what kind of foods you have access to, in the cafeteria. Also, you need to tell me the “snacks” you have in your room. Based on that, I can better recommend you whether BD can be helpful to you…

      You can mail me on my email address mentioned above…

  8. Hi Amanda. I’m thinking of purchasing the plan but feel just the same as you about “no excerise” included.
    I’d like to have more information about your excerise plan,to see how effect it is and if this is what it will take to make the life time change.

    • Hey Sapna! (I have a friend named Sapna! :))
      I am VERY sure that if you combine my powerful workout routine with the Beyond Diet, there is no way you can’t lose weight!

      Mail me on my email id given above and I’ll tell you more about it and the exercises within…


  9. Alannahleclerc Le Clerc Reply

    Hi Amanda
    I’m thinking of starting the program but I have wasted so much time and money into others that yes I’m a bit sceptical. I don’t mind exercise but it needs to fit into my very busy lifestyle. Is this for me can you help as I’ve read reviews that say its good. Other programs I’ve had to exercise for an hour a day but I really don’t have time for that much. Please help

    • Hi,
      I know exactly where you are! Even we had wasted so much time and energy on so many different solutions that it looked like we were going to remain obese forever! Until BD entered our lives.

      Now one thing you can be sure on the beyond diet is you DO NOT have to exercise 1 hour or even daily. Depending on how fast your body responds to the program, you can completely let the program itself work, or you can go with a workout that can be done 3 times/week. Of course, my very own workout is perfect for busy people, so you can get it once you are inside BD.

      I hope this helps.

  10. How can I incorporate all of this into my kids. I don’t want them to not be kids, and not have the stuff that kids love, but also don’t want them to be addicted to sugar as an adult like me. Any suggestions?

    • The way I see it is if you want anything to be incorporated and accepted by the kids is to do it yourself first! Believe me habits are very much affected by proximity!

      You can get the beyond diet and apply the eating and nutrition habits right in your kitchen. The most beautiful thing about BD is that the program itself has delicious and a variety of recipes!

      So i am sure your kids will invariably love them, while being completely inconspicuous that they are following any “nutrition program”! Win-win for both of you!

  11. I am slim person, who doesn’t want to necessarily be skinny, but I want to maintain a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle. How can beyond diet work for me?

    • Hi Rae,
      Beyond Diet is not a diet as in what most perceive. It is the correct way of eating food, yes, there IS a correct way of eating food!

      The way it will help you is by educating you above and anything you might have read so far on the topic of food & “diet”. Then it will help you plan your own meal plans to stay fit and be healthy. Actually, if you really apply the principles inside it with my workout routine, you can very well go on to become a really fit, bada$$ gal! ;)

      Mail me to talk more if you want…

  12. Hi Amanda,
    I have been looking into the beyond diet website ,have been thinking about purchasing it.

    I live in Australia eat a healthy lifestyle on a high protein low carb diet.I eat a gluten free,sugar free,grainfree diet due to health problems. Chronic fatigue ,coealic disease. Graves disease.( overactive thyroid )

    I am fairly lean person still struggle with my weight.

    Only have a few kilos to loose.I walk daily to yoga.

    Is this eating plan high protein ??.

    Do you think this diet would suit me with all that I have informed you with .

    Appreciate your input.

    Congratulations on your amazing transformation you look great.

    Blessings from Down Under

    • Hi Lisa,
      You will most definitely benefit from the Beyond Diet.

      I would also recommend incorporating a good weight training workout program with it as you are already fairly lean (And I assume that you CAN perform some weight training workouts). The combination of both should give you the best results IMHO.


  13. Hi Amanda
    My name is Karen,I am very interested in the BD programme, I have read that in doing the BD regime eduction is what I am going to achieve along with the healthy choices to obtain a healthier lifestyle.
    In the past I have failed at so many attempts due to no support, not knowing how to shop to enable healthy food choices or how to cook really awsum meals for myself and family, can you honestly guarantee that a person like me will succeed by using this programme to fit into the life of a night shift worker who’s job is mobile security which I guess is a job that is more in the line of senditary employment ( driving a car for 8 to 10 hour shift) and very little physical activity. I am part of a family that has to deal with a generation obesity and would like to incorporate skills to teach my whanau that changes can be made and so there may still be hope for us all.
    So is BD the answer to a ongoing dream?

    • Hi Karen,
      I can completely relate with the “not knowing how to shop” part!

      And I very happy that you actually want to make a difference in your and you family’s life. Yes, Beyond Diet can most definitely help you and give you that edge you are seeking. The second best thing about beyond diet is the HUGE community.

      You will literally get answers to any of your fitness and weight related questions in there from actual people who have been where we all are at some point. (Hint: >200lbs!) So the environment in the community is very conducive and encouraging. I would also suggest you to look into some weight free workouts that can be done in 40-45 minutes.

      BD + workouts @ 3/4 times a week is the best thing you can do for your otherwise sedentary lifestyle.


  14. Hello

    I have been on a Low-Fat Diet since August. And i haven’t much weight in this time. Also, at the moment i have quite bad stomach pains, and i was wondering if it would help if i changed my diet! I need to lose at least a stone. and i thought of trying beyond diet. On the Beyond website, it says on the video that you can get a free trial, how do i receive this? Also, I live in England, How much would it cost me to get a pack? And how long would it take for me to get it? I would appreciate it VERY much if someone could help me on this as soon as possible. Thanks. Anita Read

    • Anita,
      There seems to some confusion. Beyond diet is NOT a meal plan that you receive at home. What you actually get is an online program that guides you to create the perfect meal plan as per YOUR body type and membership to this huge community of over 300,000 members from all over the world.

      Yes, it will most definitely help you to lose weight since it is customized for you. Also, where exactly did you see the free trial offer? Coz from what I know, I don’t think they have a free trial yet…

      Mail me if you want to talk more…

    • Hi Amanda, I have mailed you my Beyond Diet receipt a while ago (06/11/2013) but I have not received your exercise plan yet, did you perhaps not receive my mail yet? I would really love to receive your exercise program, I am going for week 4 now on the Beyond Diet Program, I lost a lot of weight in the first week… but sorta stuck at the moment.

      Thank you very much!

      • Hey Sanli,
        Congrats on getting the BD and with your weight loss in the first weeks. Like I always say, you will experience an immediate weight loss in the first couple of weeks, and then it will be more of a gradual fall. That’s why I recommend folks to start my simple workout after the first week to keep their weight loss accelerated.

        Yes, I did receive your mail and I have already sent the bonus your way!

        • Hi Amanda, can you please maybe mail me your exercise program again? I haven’t received anything yet and I would really love to start you’re exercise program together with the BD.

          Thank you very much!


  15. Hi Amanda! I am very interested in this however I travel quite a bit for work. Is this something I can do while on the road, in airports, and staying in hotels? Thank you!

    • Hi Amy,
      It would mean you would require to eat “outside your home”… so if your tours involve travel in developed countries,
      you can very well eat as per the beyond diet recommendations.

    • Hi Vicki,
      You can mail me your beyond diet receipt on my personal email at amandajakecannon[at]gmail.com…

      By the way, congrats for a great decision, and welcome to the BD family.

  16. Hi Amanda,
    I am 18, and currently studying in Singapore. After seeing your amazing transformation,I’m really keen to get a beyond diet plan. (: But there’s one thing that really concerns me… You see, food in an Asian country really differ from those that were part of the western cuisine… So I am wondering what’s the kind of food that’s included in the diet…. ( for instance, mostly veggies and salads/ sandwiches etc….) thanks!


    • Hi Jourdan,
      I have been to Singapore in 2011! Such a mind blowing clean country man!

      Anyway, don’t worry, 90% of the foods mentioned in the program will be available over there, and you could easily substitute the negligible few… so go ahead and get the program with confidence. And don’t forget to mail me to get my workout program!

  17. Hi! I am still in decided if I want to join this or nit, I have been through so many diets.. weight watchers, I lost 40lbs, but gained it back, Paleo, lost 20 gained it all back, Daniel fast, gained it all back..and the yoyo diet has not stopped. I’m 34years old and have 2 kids. I am encourage by your story about you and your husband going through this together, because through all those diet plans I went on my husband was right along with me, and today we are at our heaviest we have ever been…

    My husband supports me in everything I do and he had finally just said “just pick something and stick with it” my question is if I purchase this program, can my husband and I use one program together?because my husband did the weight watchers with me but he really didn’t see the need in paying for two memberships. Any help and advice is so appreciated! Thank you for what you are doing.


    • Aloha!
      First of all, let me say that I can completely understand your frustration! We were there for sure!
      Now to answer your questions:
      1) You can definitely use the program together with a single membership. But for the weight tracking part, I am afraid it would have to be one of you. But, the main guide, bonus guides and all the tools would be available to you.

      2) Secondly, one of the MAIN reasons for yoyo dieting is that we seldom move our bodies! Let me shout this for everyone: YOU HAVE TO WORKOUT WHILE DIETING. Be it little. Else, you are not going to get satisfactory results.

      So my advice: Get the beyond diet program, then mail me for my workout routine. You do both, and you can’t not lose weight!

      Mail me at amandajakecannon[at]gmail.com, if you wanna talk more…

  18. Hi Amanda! Are u still giving away your exercise routine for free with a bd receipt? Think I just might want to give this a go. Thanks!

  19. Amanda, my husband and I enjoy eating out with friends and family on a regular basis. Is if difficult to find things on the menu of most restaurants that would be allowed on your diet? This is an important social aspect of our lives.

    • Hi Terri,
      I don’t think you would have any problem eating at a decent restaurant while holing to the beyond diet principles. (Note: Mcdonald’s doesn’t qualify as a decent restaurant by my standards!) In fact, me and Jake, we also eat out a lot over weekends, but 99% of the time, we do not have problem finding the recommended stuff.

      Yes, it might take some time finding good places with a healthy menu, but the more you get acquainted with BD, the more you’ll be able to ‘spot’ good places to eat!

  20. Hi Amanda,
    I posted a message already, but don’t see it, so I’m posting again. I apologise if you’re receiving my request twice.
    I was inspired by your story and it’s so nice to get a testimonial from someone who has tried something and had it work out well for them!!

    I am interested in receiving your workout plan, so, if you could, please let me know how to go about receiving this?
    Thank you so much!

  21. Hi!
    I’m considering your diet plan because I’ve been researching on my own and I believe this plan fits with my findings. I do have three questions. 1. What’s your take on probiotics? 2. I do not eat beef or pork and I limit my dairy due to allergies. Can I substitute the meat for other items? 3. Is this plan safe for my child as well? She’s almost 3 and I feed her Organic fruit and veggies and healthy snacks as much as possible.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hey Rhonda,
      First of all its not my diet plan! ;) But yeah, I have become sort of the beyond diet “go to” girl lately!

      Anyway, kidding aside, here’s your answers:
      1) I do support probiotics, but DEFINITELY not the artificial ones. NO ONE can replicate the fauna in our guts in labs! But I do encourage the use of natural probiotics, mainly yogurt.

      2) I myself do not eat beef or pork, I only eat fish and chicken. So you can definitely substitute with that. If you totally avoid meat, you can still substitute with a LOT of other vegan options. Don’t worry, there are a LOT of vegan members inside the community. You’ll be take care of, so to speak! :)

      3) Great job on your child’s nutrition! And for that, I will HIGHLY recommend the beyond diet to you now! You can 100% introduce the healthy recipes to her! (Also, give her the quality high protein stuff like almonds, walnuts, etc.)

      Here’s the BD link again: Beyond Diet
      I hope I have answered your queries, feel free to mail me if you have more. (amandajakecannon[at]gmail.com)

  22. Can you have more than one person on the program? My boyfriend and I decided to get fit together and workout so we can do more and be happier as a couple. We were wondering if him and I could use the same program if we went half and half on it. Congrats btw!

    • Hi,
      The calorie counting and some tools can be used only by one person. But the main program, recipes, membership, all that can be used by both of you!

  23. I have about 8 or 9 pounds to lose. Will this help me right away ? I read in one of your answers . It takes about 6 weeks to see results . That seems like a long time .

    • Lisa,
      I think you have been the victim of all those “eat whatever you want and will lose weight” commercials.

      6 weeks is nothing. NOTHING. That is, **if** you want to lose weight safely.

      Now, if you want a quick fix, something that’ll drop your fat in under a month, you are setting yourself up for many a dangerous problems. Of course, the quickest option is surgery, but I am sure all my folks reading this right now agree that in here, we love to work with natural, safe methods. That’s what Beyond Diet is. Slow, but 100% sure, and most importantly, FOR EVER.

      So if you honestly think 6 weeks is long, this is not for you. Period.

  24. What an amazing transformation – so inspiring. Amanda, you were beautiful before now you’re simply stunning! Great job. I’ve been a BD member since January 5, 2014 and I love the program. I just emailed you to get your exercise program. Can’t wait to add that to my routine!

  25. Hi Amanda, I’m from Philippines I am interested in BD for weeks and I am convinced already. How much is this program in (Php) peso?

    Please PM me. Thanks.

    • Hi Luanne,
      I have no idea how much the peso is right now… but you could always check it on xe.com for the latest currency rate… :)

  26. I was just wondering if this diet would work for me, because I am only wanting to lose about 30 pounds…Also my son has ADHD and I was wondering if this diet could help him as far as his attention and impulsiveness, I have read many things about diet and the effect it can have on our moods and mental function- thank you for you time!

    • Hey,
      Of course this diet should work for you IF you follow it with dedication. Remember, our obesity’s root cause is food, which is where the program helps TREMENDOUSLY! About your son, I am afraid I can’t comment on that since my knowledge is very limited about ADHD, but one thing’s sure, his overall health should improve big time! :)

  27. I don’t remember getting a receipt I however have been a member for 3 years how else can I prove this so I can receive that plan you are giving for free?

  28. Hi Amanda – Watching your video and reading the rest of the information you provided convinced me to join BD. I have emailed you separately for your free workout routine guide and look forward to receiving it soon.
    Kind regards

    • Hey Cheryl,
      Hope I could help and congrats on making a great decision. I’ll find you inside BD now. ;)

      I have already mailed you the workout…

  29. Hi Amanda – question on the food to be eaten on this lifestyle change. Do you have to use whole wheat flour, agave and have to go down the organice aisle? $$$ or can you use the typical household ingredients?

    • Both ways is fine, but of course organic is preferred. Isabel shows you how to balance ‘in between’ too…

  30. I’m seriously thinking of joining the BD program, but what kinds of foods are on the program? I’m pretty picky but only need to about 10 pounds but I need to learn to eat better. But if the foods are all veggies I don’t like, that would be a waste of time and money for me. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hey Cathy,
      Don’t worry, there are a lot of meat options in there too, this is not an “only vegan” program…

  31. Just signed up for BD & then came across your review. Here is my order #1513202….can you please email me your exercise routine? I’m actually a physical therapist but work with children so only remember basics & hope your exercise routine helps me & my hubby! Thank you!

  32. Hi Amanda,
    I purchased the BD program a few weeks ago and I’m on day 13 of the first 14 days, I haven’t lost any weight yet but know that genuine and long lasting weight loss takes time and involves healthy eating. My husband will be joining me on this lifestyle change starting Monday (after Father’s Day). I e-mailed you my order # and I’m excited to receive your workout manual!
    Thanks for being so generous and sharing your insight with us all!

    • Hi Diana,
      Already mailed you. :)
      Yes, be patient, real, long term fat loss can take it’s time, and each one of us has a different body composition. So be patient, the results usually will be visible by week 5-7…

  33. Amanda,
    I am thinking of joining the BD program. To get a copy of the work out plan we have to mail you a copy of the receipt. Can we email it to you? What exactly will you be sending me? Will you send me a hard copy or will it be a copy by email?

    • Hi Tammy,
      I would be sending you a soft copy (PDF) which you can print yourself if you want. I am doing this for free dearie, how can I afford to print and send a hard copy? :)

      Just mail me to get a copy.